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fundraiser vetting 3

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Average intake vetting cost for adult dogs is $150 for spay/neuter, vaccination, rabies, heartworm test.

Average intake vetting cost for cats is $100 for spay/neuter, vaccination, rabies.

Average intake vetting cost for our pups is $25-$75 for vaccination, deworming, skin scraping, health certificate

Health Certificate required to be accepted at any rescue $12

Estimated cost of surgery $300-up

Estimated cost of parvo treatment $300-up

Estimated cost of heartworm treatment $300-up

JANUARY 2015 INTAKE for week ending 1/3/15

Morgan (Hwy 157 vicinity Danville) / Amber, yellow Lab pup

Colbert / 10 Boxer/Bulldog mix pups vaccination/deworming/health certificate

Boarding $15/day

DECEMBER INTAKE for week ending 12/31/14

Colbert / Yoshi, Yorkie

Franklin / Henry, Boxer

Boarding $15/day 

DECEMBER INTAKE for week ending 12/27

Colbert / Noel's sibling 1 of 3 Doxie mix pup

Colbert / Noel’s sibling 2 of 3 Doxie mix pup

Colbert / Noel’s sibling 3 of 3 Doxie mix pup

Tuscaloosa / Moxley

Franklin / Shelby, found at Russellville Walmart 

Colbert / Noel, Doxie mix pup, owner surrender on Christmas Day

Lauderdale / Bella, Chihuahua 

Colbert / Cheryl, Yorkie

Franklin / Cooper, Shepherd mix pup

Colbert / Axl (RIP), Roxie, and Blaze 3 Bulldog mix pups 

Colbert / Darla, Border Collie/Heeler mix pup 

Lauderdale / Stoney, Shih Tzu/Doxie mix 

Boarding $15/day 

DECEMBER INTAKE for week ending 12/20

Frankin / Bella, Boxer mix abandoned at the Russellville Walmart

Colbert / pup 1 of 4 

Colbert / pup 2 of 4 

Colbert / pup 3 of 4 

Colbert / pup 4 of 4 

Boarding: $15/day

DECEMBER INTAKE for week ending 12/13

Franklin / Tiny Tim 

Franklin / Chip 

Franklin / Sasha

Boarding: $15/day 

DECEMBER INTAKE for week ending 12/6 

Colbert / Booger 

Colbert / Bridgett 
Colbert / Toot 
Colbert / Titus 
franklin / Dixie 
franklin / Dixie 7 pups
franklin / Tink 
franklin / Tink pup 1 of 2 
franklin / Tink pup 2 of 2 
Lauderdale / Hailey 

Talledega / Snow 
Talledega / Cedar/Snow's pup 

Boarding: $15/day 


Colbert / Titus - parvo treatment $300


Franklin / Katniss $500. A $500 donation was received :)

Franklin / Nina Lisa A. donated Nina's heartworm treatment :)

Franklin / Peaches $500 less $200 raised via YouCaring= $300

fundraiser general fund

"General fund" for day-to-day as well as emergency expenses incurred by SAA in the care of their rescued animals, including but not limited to vet expenses, pet transport expenses, vaccine purchase, food and including fostering expenses such as dog house, kennel, fleece, cedar shaving, medication, etc.

SAA logo oct 2014


Spay/neuter is the only way to reduce unwanted litters and overcrowded shelters. 

The Reduced Cost Spay/Neuter Program is a voucher program that permits residents of Colbert, Lauderdale and Franklin Counties to have their pets  spayed or neutered at a reduced cost.

Why should pets be spayed/neutered?
Social Reasons

While the national pet overpopulation problem is complex, it is clear that the more cats and dogs that get spayed or neutered, the fewer "surprise" litters will occur. Annually, more than three million animals are euthanized in the United States because there are simply not enough homes for all of them. Increasing the number of altered pets will help reduce the number of animals being euthanized.

Medical Reasons

Female Cats and Dogs:

  • Significantly lower risk of mammary (breast) cancer;
  • Eliminates risk of ovarian cancer;
  • Significantly reduces the risk of pyometra (an inflection of the uterus);
  • Eliminates the hassle of having pets go through their "cycles."

Male Cats and Dogs:

  • Eliminates the risk of testicular cancer;
  • Reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

fundraiser business


Shoals Animal Advocates is inviting businesses in Colbert, Lauderdale and Franklin Counties to support its mission on an ongoing basis. Your employees can also participate in fundraising, volunteering, and fostering.

Another way to support SAA is to offer services that we need such as copies, printing, pet bathing/grooming/boarding, pet food & supplies, gift certificate, a location to have an adoption event/fundraiser, etc.

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An electronic tax deductible receipt is sent to all donors.

Ashley Morrow Colonna hates vanity tags, but she loves shelter dogs more!!! She loves them so much, that to raise funds to help the shelter dogs at the Florence Lauderdale Animal Shelter in Florence Alabama and the Colbert County Animal Shelter in Tuscumbia, Alabama, she is willing to sport a vanity tag designed by the winner of the vanity tag shelter fundraiser!!

$5.00 donation gets you five chances! The winner gets to pick the tag Ashley will sport on her vehicle. All proceeds are divided between the Lauderdale and Colbert Shelters!!!




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Volunteers Needed




Volunteers are the core and heart of our organization. There are so many ways they can support our mission from nurturing the homeless animals entrusted to their care to showing animals at adoption events and organizing fundraisers.



Fosters Needed




Foster homes provide a valuable service, not only to temporarily house them, but also to assess any behavior issues, socialize, train and prepare them for adoption.




Unloved, unwanted, abandoned, confused, scared, hungry, injured sick, loneyl...

Yet Still Hopeful.